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Mail Headers

This Is

By Julian Stacey

"What Are Headers ? &
"I Can't See Headers!" &
"Why Should I Want Headers ?"

You've Got Email Incoming Problems ? eg:
  • You don't know which old address a list mail is being sent to, & forwarded on to your current address, so you don't know which address to remove from a list ?
  • You don't trust someone claiming to be mailing from your bank ?
  • You want to know where some weird/ unwanted mail maybe a spam really came from ?
  • You want to help your net provider deal with some problem ?
  • You hope to persuade someone unpaid, to give their free time to help you with your mail problem ?
    (This owner of mail lists) never wastes time on those who do not provide mail headers.)
  • So Learn to access your headers, so you can inspect &/ or forward intact for analysis !

I Cannot Do It For You

  • I do not use or know your mailer software:
  • I do not use Any Microsoft Nor Apple etc !
  • I am a commercial computer consultant who works only with & recommends only Free Software on Unix, eg BSD, Linux, Android etc.
  • I am Not an unpaid help desk.
  • Many hundreds of people on the many free Berklix mail lists all pay nothing, & No Berklix list or web page generates any advertising or other revenue, Berklix.Org is a uniquely Free resource, but No One pays anything to hand hold the idle who refuse to learn to help themselves.
  • Explore your mailer software, ask your supplier, or dump your mailer & get something better.

How To Display Mail Headers in Various Mail Readers

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