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My Maps (Line drawing by JHS, to avoid copyright problems).
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Directions: Airport To City Centre with MVV Public Transport)

At airport, look for signs to S Bahn. Black "S", Green circular background. S-Bahn ticket selling machines are near escalator down to railway. Look for big block of about 4 + 4 blue machines each about 2.5 metres high by a metre wide.

Insert a 10 Euro note or 9.5 Euros of coins (>= 10 cent coins ) (allow for machine to be over sensitive as usual & reject some coins to the same place it also gives change to & prints ticket to.

Buy either

  • The 12 Euro (@ Feb 2010 pricing) blue "Streifen Karten" (Strip ticket). Fold it so it is creased between "8" & "9", with "8" upward; Insert into small blue boxes (about 30cm high by 20 cm wide, on vertical pedestals nearer S Bahn escalator. The Box will stamp it (the Germans call it `Cancelling' ! )'. The remaining 2 stripes can be used for later journeys &/or with next "Streifen Karten you buy. The stamped stripes are only Valid for travel in one direction, they fine you if humans happen to catch you overshooting & returning.
  • The Gesamt Netz Tages Karte (Day Rover Card) pink ticket costs: 9 Euro, good for rest of day wherever you go (it's not a 24 hour card, ticket dies about 3 AM, so Not valid for a full 24 hours until same time next day.
There's only one platform at the airport, it's at the end of a branch line. All trains head into the city from there. Sometimes you get a choice of 2 trains & 2 lines, S8 (Yellow & Black on map) is a bit quicker to Haupt Bahn Hof (Main Rail Station) than S1 (Light Blue), but they both go to Haupt Bahn Hof, albeit going through Haupt Bahn Hof in opposite directions.

Bus Service too I think, to Haupt- Bahn- Hof.

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Directions: City Centre To Me

I'd suggest get off S bahn @ Marien- Platz, (2 stops before Haupt Bahn Hof if on S8 heading West ), & change to take the U-Bahn (same ticket still valid), take U3 (Dark Orange on map) or U6 (Dark Blue) South, Richtung (Direction) { (U3) Furstenried West, or (U6) Klinikum Gross-Hadern } Trains aren't labelled with compass direction, just names. Go just 1 stop. Out at Sendlinger Tor.

Or you can get U1 (Green), U2 (Red), U7 (Green + Red), or U8 (Red + Yellow) from Haupt Bahn Hof { also 1 stop to Sendlinger Tor. (if you overshoot 1 stop on U1,2,7, or 8 through to Fraunhofer- Str, no problem, it's about equidistant from Fraunhofer- to Holz- Str 27 d.) }

By Tram
Walk in same direction train was going, to end of platform, It's a confusing rats nest underground, so best stay above ground to avoid losing orientation, or take a compass. Then either:
  • Veer toward middle of Haupt Bahn Hof, then straighten up, keep going, through ticket hall in same direction train was going, out of main entrance, straight on ahead, East across road, stop at island in middle of road with tram tracks. Take Tram 17 going to the right = South , direction Effner Platz (Brown line on map).
  • Or at end of platform turn right, walk out the South entrance of Haupt Bahn Hof, walk across half the road to tram track in middle of road, take tram 18 going left = East, destination Effner Platz (Green route on on map).
Both trams go through Stachus = Karls Platz, then through Sendlinger Tor. Get out at Muller Str, & walk back the way you came, following the tracks. Turn left into Holz Str, (Where's there's a green Irish clothes shop on left & a pub called Die Bank on the right). At next junction, turn left at the travel agent/cafe on corner; road left is still called Holz Str, Pass food supermarket on left to steel gates.

If it's a nice day & you'r not heavily laden you may prefer to walk to Sendlinger Tor:

  • From Haupt- Bahn- Hof, If you'r a computer person &/or want to look at electronic gadgets en route. South into Schiller Str & check 2 streets off to each side, ie Schwan- Thaler- Str & Landwehr Str etc (Schiller Str itself no longer has electronic shops unfortunately). After that Schiller Str runs out of shops, but keep going South along it. Allow 20 mins mins if you don't stop.
  • From Haupt- Bahn- Hof A better walk for non technologists Busier road. Normal shops. A bit longer. Walk East, (direction toward city centre - Marien- Platz) to Karls- Platz ( locally also named Stachus, (after name of a pub landlord a few of centuries back), Then South along Sonnen- Str. to Sendlinger Tor.
  • From Marien- Platz , South West along Sendlinger Str. Crowded pavements. Many big general shops. No tech. shops.

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If you get out of MVV U-Bahn at Sendlinger Tor (Reccomended)

This is a major rail & road intersection, with many exits. You need to orient yourself: If the sun is out you need to go South. If the Sun is not out, look for _the_ Tor. Tor means gate in German. The Tor is not where you want to go, but with a map it gives you your orientation. It's an old red brick structure of 2 towers with a giant arch between, set back beyond & down slope from an open square on which there are cafe tables in summer. "wo ist das Tor bitte ?" = "Where is the Tor please?". The Tor is North East of the centre of the main road junction intersecting Sonnen Str & Lindwurm Str.

Use the street map (that you printed from this page), a compass/ the sun, & start by following tram tracks South, (very slightly downhill) down Muller Str, toward River Isar, then right into Pestalozzi or (less efficiently) later right into Holz- Str. It's faster through Pestalozzi & past Holz Platz (a small square, renamed about 2000 or so, with permanently closed green/yellow (from memory) small mens' urinal (permanently closed), because Holz- Str at this point turns 90 degrees in a dog leg, so staying on Muller- str until you pass Holz- str is not shortest route. Past Holz Platz, Past Apotheke (=Chemist with a big red "A) Past a few small shops, Past food super market, past Restaurant & Jewellers & Florist to steel gates..

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At Holz- Str 27 d


In front of steel gate (GPS co-ordinates) (large vehicle size), push 27 d. Find button on left, A block is marked "27 d" Push STACEY; Speak Your Name, Not My Name, Quickly & Loudly & Clearly ! Identify yourself! Or be ignored !
(It's a central trendy area in a big city, too many wasters all ring bells at random, inc. { deliverers of parcels, distributors of freebie junk newspapers & advertisements, & nicotine addicts wanting to buy cigarettes from machine on wall inside the gate, kids for pranks &/or to play in courtyards, nutters, drunks, tramps, thieves (bikes etc) etc. }
Once you hear electric lock buzzing, enter, keep veering gently (not sharp) left. 2nd inner courtyard. 3rd staircase. Push another bell, left column, 3rd up; Even if you see me through a window, without You pushing that button, We can Not activate the door release for you. (We can't put arm out of window to wave as an insect mesh obstructs). Walk left up half a flight of stairs.
Floor 3 (= top in lift, = 1 from top in staircase). Left side.

No Smoking

Do not arrive with smoke in lungs & on clothes, bags, hair etc. Air off smoke outside, long before you get near door to building staircase ! Do not expect to smoke on balcony, leave permanently when you want to smoke.

Disabled access poor:

  • Half flight of stairs unavoidable before lift. (Incompetent architect ? Or mean commissioning owners ? the building, new in 1986 even then had one lift with 2 doors, but only for shop. About 2015 all lifts were renewed, bit Not improved same lousey doors, no improved access.)
  • 1 Handrail on outer radius, none on inner radius. A combination of a straight & a curve. Upward clockwise spiral.
  • Stairs Up or Down you can choose, both going to & leaving flat, as depending which route (from/to: courtyard (pedestrian not vehicle) & 2 garage levels), stairs in either direction can be up or down stairs, though garage routes include a few straight stairs.
  • An impossible nightmare for an adult sitting in a wheelchair (unless multiple strong rescue crew, or a special ambulance chair equipped with electric multi step device (the one I saw to 4th floor (also no lift!) made a hell of a repetitive thump, once per step, I came out to check no one breaking a neighbour's door).

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If you get out of MVV U-Bahn at Fraunhofer- Str

This is a much smaller station, only 4 exits, one each side of tracks, each end. Easier to navigate than the bigger underground maze & human flotsam of Sendlinger Tor.

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If you get out of MVV U-Bahn at Marien- Platz

Could also meet at Marien- Platz but further to walk, too far with a 20+ Kg suit case. Marien- Platz meeting area is smaller than Haupt Bahn Hof, & nicer, Conventional place people meet is at [fish?] fountain (maybe known but not signed as Marien- brunn ? Name not intuitive to non Christian non German natives, so look for a statue in middle of a small fountain) above ground, near right = SE corner of the town hall, East of main entrance, (Right when looking from column in square toward gates of Rathaus = town hall. Some limited rain shelter is provided by town hall nearby.

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3 blocks from River Isar cycle track. Beware tram lines on Muller Str. Beware no tarmac between widely spaced cobble stones between Muller & Holz Str. Plenty of bike parking in inner courtyards behind steel gates mostly but not always locked. Adequate racks , railings, trees to lock to.

Car Parking

Street parking difficult to find, & all on meters, not cheap. 3 blocks from Isar river. Built in 1986, the garage has not flooded, despite Isar getting near top of bank. Access road Wester- Muehl- Strasse is effectively alternating one way as modern fat cars parked on both sides. SUV & vans make passing impossible, except at garage entrance..

Car park garage entrance (GPS co-ordinates) is not on Holz- Str, but just round corner from Holz- Str, South East, on Wester- Muehl- Strasse 1. Large high & double width aperture in wall sufficient to take 2 {lorries/ trucks/ laster/ LKW} Entrance on North East side of Wester- Muehl- Strasse, at North West end of Wester- Muehl- Strasse. Garage has no public parking spaces, all privately rented except for food supermarket customer short term parking. No proof of being a customer required. Open till 20:00. After 20:00 one needs a key to get in past vertical roller made of horizontal metal slats. Various signs about their terms conditions of parking. & which firm they use to tow away rogue parkers.

The garage key entry entry has no facility to speak to residents to activate gate. Bring a passenger, drop the passenger off to ring bell at steel gate. I will come down with my key. Allow time. Blame architects !

(Don't feel guilty about a short stop out of hours, it won't deprive them, I buy lots there, you could buy something if you want. It's their public access requirement that has allowed vandals & thieves in to my (& other) car's detriment at least twice over the years; The company (was [forgotten] then Tengelmann, now sold to Edeka) don't merit sympathy: { Their (Tengelmann) remote top management were intransigent to do building work at night to maximise their profit & minimise neighbours sleep; their ([?] & T.) fat separator tank for butchers dept. used to regularly overfill & stink; their (T) rollers wheels on dimpled ceramic tiles in butchers' dept etc, way before working hours disturbs neighbours, their (T) previous manageress was lousey to staff & customers; their (T & now E) empty beer crate machine usually defrauds (on 20 bottle beer crates bit not individual bottles), falsely printing 0,00. The staff are used to it, issuing hand credit notes, mostly nice, some very, & distinctly better since the (T) harridan left. }

Leaving garage: Occasionally the supermarket chain up their park area after 20:00, but usually they don't bother, time = money. To get out there's an inductive pick up embedded in concrete, detects metal 4 wheel vehicles (does not detect cycles), there's also a pull chain from middle of roof (red & white plastic).

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Leaving On Foot

Although only 1 door bell on street rings at flats, Leaving a flat you can choose 5+ ways: Same as pedestrian entry, or 2 other pedestrian gates. Each has a switch on wall about 3 metres from entrance, at waist height, to de-activate the steel gate lock to let you out. Or exit via Garage, Or via tunnels & various staircase exits. Easy to get lost ;-)

Back To Airport

Remember Munich airport now has 2 Terminals. Same S Bahn stop for both. One of the 2 lines to airport splits just before airport, don't get caught in wrong half.

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